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Brain Defense Research Citations

Be Screen Safe!

The brain can get hijacked by the chemicals that technology causes to be released
Sleep helps your brain process the information it took in throughout the day
How much sleep do children need?
Recommendation to turn screens off 30 minutes before bedtime
Recommendation to keep discretionary screen time under 2 hours/day

Be Brain Healthy!

Addiction is a disease of the brain.
Pornography use can become an addiction
The formation of habits and addictions
The formation of habits and addictions

Be Brain Smart!

Chemicals are released upon viewing pornography.
Pornography leads to objectification of other people.

Be Brain Strong!

Physical exercise as a means of changing the brain
Labeling emotions helps prefrontal cortex gain control

Be Screen Responsible!

Digital Citizenship in schools
Cyberbully incidents in schools
Cyberbullying in social media apps/accounts/video games.