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No kid deserves to face the porn industry alone. Fight back!

Arm them with the best kid-to-kid digital safety program using our entertaining videos, engaging workbooks, and family activities to protect kids ages 7-11 from online dangers. Best of all, it is easy and addresses the digital dangers your child will face.

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Every kid deserves digital safety training

1. Self-discipline with screen time to help kids control time, choose content, and create balance.
2. Safe habits to avoid digital dangers from porn, predators and bullies.
3. Good digital citizen practices that teach kindness, integrity, and respect.

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11 Engaging Videos feature the Brain Gang

Student Workbooks and Answer Key

Instruction Manual with easy scripts for parents

Family Activity Sheets foster conversations

Digital Citizen Poster gives critical safety info

CAN DO Plan Poster-
five steps to reject porn

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Watch our introduction to Brain Defense: Digital Safety

We designed Brain Defense with the best research from education, psychology, neuroscience, and prevention science. Our videos are paced for optimal learning, and they're entertaining, too!

We're especially proud of the Brain Gang because young children listen to older peers! Teach your kids digital defense skills with  our short video-based lessons, engaging workbooks, and role plays.

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Lessons designed to protect kids from the dangers they will face.

The world is different than when we grew up. Kids now are vulnerable to cyber bullying, addiction, and graphic content as soon as they have access to the internet.

Brain Defense uses kid-friendly analogies, crucial information, and even humor to prepare children to be strong and defend themselves in games, apps, and on websites.

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Lesson topics include

#1 Staying safe on screens

Learn to control time, choose content, and create balance.

#2 Addiction- proofing my brain

I can develop habits to keep my 2 brains healthy and strong.

#3 Recognizing and rejecting porn

It's important to know the 3 ways porn can hurt my growing brain.

#4 Applying the CAN DO Plan

A deeper dive into developing a lifelong resilience to porn.

#5 Becoming a responsible digital citizen

How being kind and honest builds trust.

Brain Defense Lesson Titles

Our 5 lessons empower kids with all the basics they need to know to be safe and healthy online!


Be Screen Safe

  • I Can Control How I Use Screens
  • I Can Stay Safe and Healthy on Screens


Be Brain Healthy!

  • I Can Use Good Habits to Protect My Brain from Addiction
  • I Have Two Brains


Be Brain Smart!

  • I Can Recognize and Reject Pornography
  • Three Ways Pornography Can Hurt My Growing Brain


Be Brain Strong!

  • I Can Reject Pornography with the CAN DO Plan
  • What I CAN DO When I Remember Pornography


Be Screen Responsible!

  • I Can Become a Good Digital Citizen
  • I Can Be Part of the Brain Gang

Based on solid research

The educational methodology used in Brain Defense implements best practices gleaned from forty years of prevention science research. Short video-based lessons, engaging workbooks with journaling opportunities, and role plays with parents. All based on proven principles to reduce risky behavior in youth.

Each lesson is backed by solid research in neuroscience, social science, education, and child psychology.

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You'll love the Brain Gang

  • The Brain Gang are a group of 6 positive (and cool!) teens who teach healthy tech habits.
  • They're relatable, funny and memorable!
  • Parents love the Brain Gang too! Now you won’t be the only voice warning your child about digital dangers—you’ll have older peer mentors to back you up!
Brain Gang Member Ben
Hi, I’m Ben! I love basketball, reading and helping kids turn away from pornography.
Brain Gang Member Tess
Hi, I’m Tess! I’m interested in art, movies, and teaching kids what to do if they are exposed to pornography.
Brain Gang Member Zach
Hi, I’m Zach! I’m into chess, skateboarding, and teaching kids about healthy screen habits.
Brain Gang Member Isabel
Hi, I’m Isabel! I’m into science, photography and helping kids learn how to create screen/life balance.
Brain Gang Member Andre
Hi, I’m Andre’! I like riding bikes, playing video games, and helping kids to avoid digital addictions.
Brain Gang Member Samantha
Hi, I’m Samantha! I enjoy playing my violin, reading, and showing kids how to be good digital citizens.

Helping parents start the conversation with their children.

Digital safety is such a pressing issue, it's hard to know where to begin.  

Brain Defense takes you step-by-step and teaches the most important topics so your kids can thrive in the digital age.  

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Hear from other parents about Brain Defense

"I’d absolutely recommend Brain Defense to all parents and teachers! It provides an entertaining way to teach something that’s SO important for kids living in today’s digital age."
Lacey Haskell

Family playing board game.

"My favorite part of the Brain Defense curriculum was how empowering and how easy it was. I didn’t have to wonder or worry about what to teach, and the kids didn’t have to wonder or worry about how to handle these difficult situations. They LOVED IT!"
Melanie Hartzell

"My children’s favorite was listening to the relatable Brain Gang and all the different situations they shared and made interesting and fun."
Amber Anderson

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