You’re not alone.

Most parents have been caught off guard by pornography and the ways technology introduces it to young minds.

You may have tried everything you knew to protect them, only to find out it wasn’t enough.

Let’s move forward together and take the first steps towards healing.

A scared little girl covering her eyes.

Step 1: Educate yourself

Start the healing process by downloading our completely revised and updated My Kid Saw Porn--Now What? A SMART Plan Guide for Parents for $7.97.

Your time is precious and we’ve done all the work for you.

Step 2 • Follow the plan step by step

The steps in the SMART PlanGuide above will help you:

  1. Stay calm
  2. Make a plan
  3. Assess your child’s confused feelings
  4. Regularly check in with your kids
  5. Tech train the whole family

Step 3 • Keep current and continue revisiting the conversation

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Frequently Asked Question

How soon should I approach my kid?

After you find out your child has been exposed to porn or has been seeking it out, you’re going to feel lots of feelings! No matter the circumstance, you have time. Ideally, give yourself at least 24-48 hours to calm down and figure out your next step.

You may be feeling fear, anger, guilt and even shame. What you need is time and some help sorting out your feelings. My Kid Saw Porn--Now What?: A SMART Plan for Parents has two simple but effective tips to help you calm down and move forward with confidence.

Frequently Asked Question

What questions should I ask my child?

In order to begin helping and healing, it’s important to get good information. You’ll need to find out:

  • What they saw 
  • How long they’ve been looking 
  • Who showed it to them
  • How it made them feel
  • 6 more crucial questions

We’ve got trusted and tested tips for having these conversations in our A SMART Plan for Parents.

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How do I persuade my child that porn is harmful?

Kids who have seen pornography need to understand how it can harm their brain. They deserve the truth. There are shame-free ways to talk to kids about porn by using science and modeling loving parent-child relationships. Check out our best selling books!

Frequently Asked Question

Does my child need discipline, punishment or counseling?

Discipline is good. Punishment can backfire. You want to teach and empower your child to make good decisions. You don’t want them to feel unloved, unworthy or hopeless.

Our guide, My Kid Saw Porn--Now What? A SMART Plan for Parents, has great advice about discipline and what sets it apart from punishment.

Many parents wonder if their child needs professional help after they’ve been exposed to pornography. A lot depends on the type of pornography they’ve seen and if they’ve begun to use it compulsively. 

Our guide addresses all of these questions from a therapist's and a parent’s perspective.

Frequently Asked Question

This problem is huge! What else can I do to defend my child?

You’re smart to fight back with all you’ve got! Now you have a powerful, multimedia tool for teaching digital defense skills to kids ages 8-12. Get instant access to our Brain Defense: Digital Safety curriculum today. Let the Brain Gang, a fun group of positive peers, model healthy tech habits, including how and why to reject pornography. 

Prevention research shows that kids love learning from other kids. Brain Defense is fun, memorable and effective!

The Brain Gang
Frequently Asked Question

How can I find better filters and parental controls?

Depending on the age of your child, filters and parental controls can help. Our SMART Plan Guide includes a great overview of each. 

However, the only filter that can go with your kid everywhere is an internal filter. If your child has seen or started seeking out pornography, it’s not too late. They will need to be:

  • educated and persuaded with regular conversations,
  • disciplined with love, and
  • monitored by you and with the help of tech tools.

COMING SOON: We're putting together a list of trusted products for filtering, monitoring, and more. Stay tuned.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I start?

You already have! Now take the next step forward. Download your guide for only $7.97. Your time is precious and we’ve pulled together our best, most trusted advice to help you.

  • Quick overview of filtering, parental controls and monitoring software
  • 10 questions to debrief your kid about their exposure to porn
  • 2 strategies for staying calm (when you find out)
  • Top tips for helping your child sort out their confused feelings
  • 4 ways to encourage regular conversations
  • Comforting advice from a therapist (Does my kid need counseling?) 
  • How to discipline your child with love (instead of punishment) 
  • A 7-step plan to help kids overcome a compulsive porn habit 
  • Encouragement from a teen who kicked his porn habit 
  • 7 differences between healthy sex and porn sex (kids need to know!)
  • Step-by-step directions for turning a bad habit into a good one 
  • Lots more links to helpful resources!