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We look forward to supporting you as you raise your children in a daunting world. You are taking an important step to help your child learn to safely negotiate the dangers of technology. The Brain Defense: Digital Safety curriculum teaches your kids crucial refusal skills to deal with digital dangers. They won’t be caught off guard in tricky online situations. They’ll have trusted adults like you and their teachers to help them thrive. We know that talking about these topics can be scary and intimidating. We are here for you!

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Want a natural and comfortable way to talk to your kids about pornography?

This newly revised edition of the original bestseller makes that daunting discussion easy! Good Pictures Bad Pictures is a read-aloud story about a mom and dad who explain what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and how to reject it. Featuring easy-to-understand science and simple analogies, this internationally-acclaimed book engages young kids to porn-proof their own brains.

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CAN DO Poster

This kid-friendly poster from our best-selling book Good Pictures Bad Pictures is a great teaching tool for the steps to take when your children (ages 6-11) see pornography.

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Digital Citizen Poster

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