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6 Ways Savvy Kids Can Circumvent Your Internet Controls

Many parents feel that if they install some type of web filtering software on their computers they are protecting their children from pornography. Web filtering software is important, but software alone is not enough to protect children. Business Wire magazine explains six easy ways that kids can circumvent filtering programs:

  1. Proxy Websites—Many teens use proxy sites to circumvent web filters to surf the web anonymously.
  2. Peer-to-Peer—Kids use peer-to-peer file sharing to download music, photos, and movies from each other, which can have dangerous content attached.
  3. User-generated Content—Most web filters allow these sites, such as blogs, which can contain objectionable material.
  4. Facebook Alias—Kids can create an alias account that cannot be found by parents.
  5. Administration Rights on the Computer—Kids should not have administration rights to the computer they use.
  6. Website IP Address to Bypass the URL Filter—Kids can reach websites blocked by filters by browsing for the website’s IP address instead of the web page name.  (Business Wire magazine, June 2011.)


If you doubt any of the above, just google "proxy websites" that kids can download for free and will allow them access to any blocked website. Kids should never have administrative access to other internet enabled devices in your home such as the Xbox or other gaming consoles.

Because it is so easy for kids to get around parental controls, parents need to help their children understand the bigger picture: viewing pornography has serious consequences.

In other words, parents should teach their children that trying to bypass filtering software is a dangerous choice.

Children need to know that viewing pornography can:

  • Lead to an addiction which can be more difficult to overcome than addictions to drugs or alcohol
  • May give them the wrong idea about sexual relationships
  • Is grossly disrespectful to women
  • Often leads people to act out in criminal ways which ends up ruining their lives.

Most children have no idea that pornography can be so dangerous. They deserve to have this information so they can make safer and better choices.

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Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids

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