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Prepare Kids to Reject Pornography

Teens & Pornography: NEW Common Sense Media Report

This week Common Sense Media published a new report: "Teens & Pornography.” Researchers surveyed a random sample of over 1,300 teens ages 13-17 from the United States to determine how they engaged with pornography online. This research is being shared across news platforms including The New York Times and CNN. Here’s the full report.

It includes some troubling statistics:

  • 12 years old was the average age for exposure to pornography
  • 15% of the respondents reported seeing online porn before the age of 10
  • 75% of kids at age 17 had viewed pornography
  • 52% reported seeing violent pornography, including media that depicts what appears to be rape, choking, or someone in pain

See more stats in the infographic here.

We don't share these statistics with you to evoke fear. We share them to empower you as parents, grandparents & teachers to talk with kids about the dangers of pornography. 

Common Sense Media founder, James P. Steyer warned: 

"We need to consider conversations with teens about pornography the same way we think of conversations about sex, social media, drug and alcohol use, and more. Kids can and will be exposed to pornography one way or another, often before a caregiver has a chance to tackle the subject." 

We agree and openly recommend parents tackling the topic of pornography with their young children, as soon as they have any access to the internet. #SoonerIsSafer.  #TalkTodaySaferTomorrow.


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Good Pictures Bad Pictures

Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids

"I really like the no-shame approach the author takes. It's so much more than just 'don't watch or look at porn.' It gave my children a real understanding about the brain and its natural response to pornography, how it can affect you if you look at it, and how to be prepared when you do come across it (since, let's face it... it's gonna happen at some point)." -Amazon Review by D.O.

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