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Our Top Posts from 2018: 7 Power-Ups for 2019

2018 is nearly over! How do you feel about this year?

What was your first thought? Thumbs up - or thumbs down? Smiley emoji? Frowny face?

4 Questions for appreciating the past and welcoming a bright future

The year’s end is a good time to consider if our kids are thriving in this world of always-on technology and over-sexualized media.

Here are some questions to help you assess how your family is doing. Be sure to give yourself credit for learning and trying - even if it was uncomfortable at times, or you can’t see the results yet!

  1. What are you most grateful for about your family in 2018?
  2. How do you feel about the way your kids are managing their screen time?
  3. What kinds of experiences did your family have helping your kids be ready to reject pornography?
  4. What did you learn this year about the challenges your kids face in our hypersexualized world?
  5. How do you want to help your kids be even better prepared to be safe and strong in 2019? (Tip: reading our top posts below can help you with this!)

When you set clear intentions to help kids make progress next year, powerful things will happen for sure!

The 7 top posts of 2018 for proactive parents and porn-proof kids

Before we move on to 2019, let’s take advantage of the good things that 2018 offered us.

These have been some of our most popular and helpful posts this year. Did your favorite make the cut? If you missed any of them, now is your chance!

So here we go!

Sexual Assault Expert Warns of Heartbreaking Trend Among Children

Parents clearly felt this eye-opening post helped raise awareness on a critical issue, because it was our most read and shared piece this year. Understanding how pornography is influencing the way that kids treat each other is urgently needed in order to protect all kids.

7 Things Your Seven-Year-Old Should Know about Love and Sex

This practical guide lays out the essential things that kids need to know early - probably sooner than you thought! Because in our hypersexualized era, you want to them to learn these things from you before they get confusing messages from dangerous sources such as pornography.

5 Reasons Why Social Media is Not Smart for Middle School Kids

The question of when kids are ready for social media is a big one for families. This post makes some convincing points for the benefits of waiting until kids are older.

5 Sneaky Locations Porn Finds Kids

You probably haven’t considered how risky some of these situations can be for kids. Learn more so you can talk this over with your family - don’t leave them unprepared!

Police Mom Reveals Secret Weapon to Protect Kids from Porn

This officer’s job is to teach other parents how to keep their kids safe online. When she discovered her own 10-year-old son searching for pornography, she called on a powerful concept to help him choose to turn away from such heartless material.

Love Kills Porn! Advice from a Mom Who Cares for One Million Kids

Joy D. Jones (General President of a world-wide children's ministry) shared 3 ways we can tell our kids “I love you” as we prepare them to reject pornography. Leading with love is definitely the most persuasive way to guide our children!

5 Ways to Teach Kids to Say NO! to Porn with Assertive Communication Skills

Kids who are prepared to recognize pornography and have practiced refusal skills have a great advantage. Parents appreciated this post because it gives practical ways to teach kids to speak up when it matters most.

More power-ups to use this coming year are our read-aloud books, Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today's Young Kids (ages 6-11) and Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds (ages 3-7). Reading these together regularly will help your kids turn away when confronted with pornography.

"Have you wanted to talk to your kids about pornography, but didn't know what to say?! I've felt that way for quite some time and finally found a solution - Good Pictures Bad Pictures. . . I highly recommend this book to all people with children. A must have for all parents!" - Amazon Review. CLICK HERE to learn more about Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today's Young Kids.

We hope you have been inspired by this blog round-up! The new year will bring even more great opportunities for us all to make a difference in the lives of kids. Together we can teach children to be strong and safe as they grow in 2019.

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