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A Father's Place: A Police Officer's Unique Perspective

This is a guest post written by Officer Gomez, a renowned law enforcement officer with 14 years of experience. Currently he works as a school resource officer and collaborates with the Idaho Crimes Against Children Task Force. We’re grateful for his tireless efforts to educate parents and protect children from the digital and physical dangers they face. Learn more about Officer Gomez and his mission to keep kids safe through his Facebook and YouTube pages.

I’m a police officer who works with school kids every day, trying to keep them safe and help them overcome daunting challenges. I’m also a father who didn’t have a father figure when I was growing up. So as Father’s Day approaches, I want to take a moment to reflect on the vast importance of a father in a child’s life.

What is a father’s role?  

A father can serve as a protector and be a solid support for each family member to rely on. A father is there to teach values and pass on important family traditions. Ideally, I believe a father should be an example of what a boy should become and the type of person a daughter should marry.

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Let’s talk about protecting kids

What are you protecting your children from? You’re protecting them from danger, predators, drugs, pornography, bullying, and many other threats. Sometimes a dad’s toughest job is to protect children from themselves–mistakes that can hurt them as they develop their own character, identity, and belief system. 

Keeping children safe from everything is an impossible task. That’s why a father also has to be able to uplift each family member because they are sure to slip and falter along life’s path. We all make mistakes, but a father can help his kids heal.


Fathers can be heroes

It’s easy for a father to slip and falter when it comes to such a big job. As a police officer, I witness many unimaginable traumatic events that happen to families. I have seen the strongest of strong fathers falter when faced with some of the trials and tribulations of life. I have also been witness to fathers, with few skills to speak of, stand strong for their families when needed.  

It doesn’t take a traumatic event for a father to be a hero. Fathers can be a hero just by showing up to a child’s school activity, taking a child fishing, making a special lunch, or sometimes just listening. 

No matter the circumstances, a father has a unique place in the family which allows him to set an example and guide his family regardless of what has happened in the past. Children will forgive and look up to their fathers more times than anyone else will. This means fathers can change and improve many times over in order to get it right. 

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What about divorce situations?  

Divorce situations call for a father to be extra honorable and steadfast in the values he wants to instill in his children. 

A divorced father may have limited time with his children, so he has to use that time to impart lots of love and understanding to the kids, who have already been through the turmoil of a parental separation. Always choose love for your children above showing hate to the ex-spouse, especially in front of the kids. Children need to be able to love both of their parents.

I want to challenge every father out there to step up in their unique role as a protector. Your children rely on you to keep them safe from predators, drugs, pornography, bullying, and countless other threats. Even fathers who struggle with pornography can still work to protect their kids from it.

I would like to thank all the fathers of the world for the enormous responsibilities they fulfill each and every day.

Remember, you don't need to be a superhero to be a hero to your kids. Show up for them, listen to them, guide them, and be the unwavering support they need. Let this Father's Day be a reminder of the incredible influence you have and the opportunity to create a safer and brighter future for your children. 

Happy Parenting,

Officer Gomez 

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