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Worried about YouTube? Finally a SAFE Way to Share Videos!

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and seen very inappropriate stuff advertised to the right of the screen AND at the end of your video? Of course--we all have!

Kids are routinely bombarded with inappropriate, pornographic videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, when someone uploads an “adult” video without selecting “Enable Age Restriction,” YouTube’s Safety Mode won’t filter it out. That means your kids could be watching a perfectly innocent video, but get perfectly filthy videos advertised to them by YouTube!

What's the answer?

SafeShare.tv! My daughter, an elementary school teacher who often looks for videos to share with her class, discovered SafeShare.tv. You're going to love it!

SafeShare.tv’s Mission

The mission of SafeShare.tv is to help you watch and share YouTube or Vimeo videos without distraction and with more control to eliminate pornographic content. When you use their platform, you can create a "SafeView"--a video that cuts out inappropriate ads and lets you even edit the start and end positions of the video.

How does SafeShare.tv work to make YouTube videos safe to share?

Here's exactly how to use SafeShare.tv. It couldn't be any easier!

  • Find a YouTube video you want to share.
  • Highlight the link (place the cursor in the link and press the Ctrl and A keys) from the address bar
  • Copy it by (by pressing the Ctrl and C keys)
  • Open up SafeShare.tv
  • Paste the YouTube link into the “Paste a YouTube Video or Vimeo link” field (by putting the cursor in the field and pressing the Ctrl and V keys)
  • Click on the blue “Generate Safe View” button to the right of the link field
  • The new link will appear in the upper address bar.
  • Highlight this newly generated link and copy it
  • Paste it wherever you want to share it--on social media, in an email, in a text message, etc.

Other great features of SafeShare.tv

  • Reduces ads to a minimum
  • Allows editing of Video Start/End Positions
  • Hides related videos and other annoyances

SafeShare.tv is an easy way to reduce kids' exposure to pornographic or other inappropriate material on YouTube.

It would be great if kids could search YouTube safely for their own videos, but at this point it's just not possible. (Even the YouTube Kids app has issues with adult cartoons being uploaded there.) One idea would be to find the videos you approve of and load them up in a PowerPoint or other platform. That way they can watch them one after another. I know it takes time and planning from parents, but that’s just the reality in this digital world.

If you think SafeShare.tv can help a friend, family member or a teacher, please share this post with them! Thank you!


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